Glass Shower Door: 4 Tips To Help You Keep Your Glass Shower Door Clean And Spotless

One of the biggest advantages of choosing glass shower doors over shower curtains is that they are easy to clean and maintain. However, if poorly maintained, the door might accumulate dirt and mineral deposits that affect its appearance. The most effective way to maintain a spotlessly clean door is to apply proven tips that make your work easier. Below are simple shower door maintenance tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose Liquid Soap

You could begin by using the right products when showering. Bar soap generally creates more scum that hardens when stuck on the glass surface. It takes more effort and time to remove scum. Consider using liquid soap that's thinner and generates less scum. Avoid using oily products in the shower. Professionals can help you find suitable products that don't leave a mess.

2. Invest in a Good-Quality Squeegee

If you want to install a glass door, a squeegee is helpful. Of course, you could always use a soft dry cloth as an alternative to the wiper, but it takes more effort and time to eliminate water from the surface. So, after every shower, use the squeegee to wipe the droplets down from top to bottom slowly. Be sure to pass the blade through corners and edges as well. Make this process an everyday practice and make the maintenance process easy.

3. Deep Clean Regularly

Professionals recommend wet cleaning the glass door every few days. Use warm water, a commercial cleaner, and a clean sponge to remove any grime or dirt stuck to the door. Gently scrub off the dirt, top to bottom, before rinsing the entire surface. Next, use your squeegee or microfiber cloth to dry the wet surface. Do this regularly to prevent grime from building up on the edges and frames of the door.

4. Allow Enough Air Circulation 

You should open the door after bathing and cleaning the restroom. A well-ventilated room drives excess moisture out and allows adequate air circulation. This prevents mold and mildew from growing and spreading, which could stain your glass door. You could also request your contractor to install an exhaust fan that will drive steam from your bathroom during and after using the space.

Glass shower doors provide an elegant modern finish to your bathroom and boost your property's value. Follow these clever tips to enjoy the timeless benefits offered by modern glass shower doors. If you avoid glass doors due to maintenance requirements, you can now go ahead and install your dream glass doors.

To explore options for glass shower enclosures, contact a local residential glass service.