Does A Residential Window Replacement Boost Your Home’s Value?

Window replacement is among the vital home improvement projects that add value. For example, the average ROI is 67.5 % if you opt for a vinyl window replacement in 2022. Nonetheless, each project is different, so the exact ROI you get from window replacement depends on different factors.

Read on to discover how a residential window replacement increases your home's valuation.

Energy Efficiency

A residential window replacement using energy-efficient windows allows your HVAC system to work better to cool your house. You can enjoy consistent and comfortable room temperatures during all seasons, saving on utility bills. This increases the valuation of your home.

The factors that make windows more energy efficient include:

  • Multiple pane windows. Replacement windows with two or three panes of glass have an insulator and spacer between the layers. The extra layer of insulating gas and glass provides better comfort and protection against harsh elements.

  • Low-e glass. Low emissivity (low-e) reflects heat and reduces the UV rays that come through your windows. The reduced UV maintains comfortable home temperatures but doesn't affect the amount of light your rooms get.

  • Energy efficient frames. Window replacement with energy-efficient window frames minimizes air leakages, lowers heat loss, and reduces condensation. The mentioned factors prevent energy loss and cut down on your utility bills.

Better Security

A security upgrade for your home raises its valuation. For example, old windows may offer a weak spot for burglars and thieves to break into your home. Conversely, a residential window replacement using lighter and stronger materials offers new security features to make your home safer.

Replacement window styles like awning and casement are usually too narrow for intruders to pass through. Besides, the windows are easy to open from the inside during emergencies.

Tax Credits

Energy-efficient windows attract benefits during the tax season. You don't have to replace all windows to qualify for tax benefits. For instance, if you install replacement windows and skylights, you get a 10% credit tax credit of up to $200.

Tax credits usually work better if you opt for a residential window replacement several years before you sell your house. The few years allow you to enjoy the tax credits and energy savings before you transfer the benefits to your buyer. Also, window replacement early on before you sell allows you to break your project into manageable installments when needed.


Many home buyers are ready to pay more if your home has energy-efficient features. In addition, enhanced security features also raise the valuation of your home. Therefore contact a window company for a residential window replacement to accrue the above benefits.

For more information on residential window replacement, contact a professional near you.