Don’t Try A DIY Project: Why Your Frameless Shower Doors Need Professional Installation

If you're tackling some do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling, don't try to tackle the frameless shower doors. Since frameless shower doors don't have any framework, you might think it's safe to take the do-it-yourself approach, but that's not the case. Frameless shower doors are designed with full sheets of heavy glass. Without the right installation, you could end up with some serious problems. That's why professional installation is so important. Before you attempt a DIY installation, read the list provided below. You'll find four problems you could face when you try to install your frameless shower doors on your own. 

You Could Get the Measurements Wrong

If you're going to install frameless shower doors, you need to make sure you get the measurements right the first time. Unlike other materials, you can't shave the edges off if you don't get the cut right. If you get the wrong measurements, your frameless shower doors won't fit right. Since there is no frame to help with adjustments, you'll need to start over with a new panel of glass. Avoid issues with measurements by insisting on professional installation for your frameless shower doors. 

You Could End Up With Shattered Glass

If you're ready to invest in frameless shower doors, don't take chances with shattered glass. The glass panels can shatter if they're not handled right during installation. This is especially true when installing the hardware. Frameless shower doors are installed using special hardware. This hardware needs to be attached to the glass panels using a drill. If you make mistakes with the drill, the glass can shatter. Unfortunately, shattered glass can create extra problems for you. 

You Could Give Yourself Serious Injuries

If you've never worked with glass before, frameless shower door installation shouldn't be your first experience. Working with glass puts you at risk for serious injuries. This is especially true when you're cutting into large panels of heavy glass, or when you're trying to hang large panels of heavy glass in your bathroom. Make sure you don't get injured. Leave the frameless shower door installation to the professionals. 

You Could Make Mistakes on the Installation

If you're installing frameless shower doors in your bathroom, you want to avoid mistakes. You need to know that your shower doors are safe and secure. Installation mistakes can cause your shower door to come loose from the walls. The best way to avoid this type of mistake is to start with a professional installation.