Four Essential Considerations Before Starting Custom Mirror Installation

Custom mirrors are a superior component of interior design. The mirrors have an exceptional charm and divine beauty that you are likely to love as a homeowner. Interior designers also fancy custom mirror installation because of their diversified touch. Adding sleek mirrors at your entrance and sophisticating your bedroom with quality mirrors are some of the noticeable applications. You will never get it wrong with custom mirrors in your living area, while your kitchen and dining room can be styled with sampled mirrors.

Here are four essential considerations before starting your custom mirror installation project.

Glass Type and Quality

The first issue you need to be keen on is the type and quality of glass used to make your mirrors. Common glass types applied during custom mirror installation are convex, silvered, and concave. Concave glass is good for grooming purposes in your bedroom and bathrooms. On their part, convex mirrors are appropriate if you need to get distant views and light reflection. Lastly, silvered glass is what interior designers use to personalize your home.

Mirror Size, Shape, and Frames

Size is another central factor during mirror installation. Custom mirror installers will guide you about the best place to install a particular mirror size. For instance, full-length mirrors are good in your bedroom, while bathroom mirrors need to give you a closer view for grooming purposes.

The shape also plays a key role in interior design. Besides the ability to make small spaces appear large, the shape impacts the intended vibe. Use oval and round mirrors for a soft touch on edges, while custom mirrors personalize your rooms.

Lighting and Wall Condition

The lighting utility bill can be greatly reduced if you have accurate custom mirror installation. Mirrors reflect light and reduce the need to have more bulbs.

Secondly, custom mirror installers can use mirrors to sort issues on your wall. For instance, a place with faded paint can be covered with a custom mirror instead of repainting. An appropriate mirror can cover some wall sections with holes. The next time you see a faded wall or one with a hole, this is an opportunity to have a custom interior design using mirrors.


The last but not least consideration is the desired aesthetics. This factor will determine the shape, size, and location of the mirrors that will be installed. Mirrors have a different aesthetic touch in different rooms, from bathrooms to bedrooms. 

For more information, contact a custom mirror installer near you.