4 Reasons To Switch From Regular To Impact Resistant Windows

If you live in hurricane-prone areas, you should consider switching from traditional windows to impact-resistant windows. Otherwise, you might have to replace your windows after every hurricane. What makes these windows ideal is the Polyvinyl Butyral layer that prevents the glass from shuttering when various materials hit against it.

Although a major impact can break the glass, the pieces remain intact, thus keeping you safe throughout the hurricane period. To learn more, take look at a few reasons to invest in impact-resistant windows.

1. They Act as Shield From Hurricane Effects

The manufacturing process of these windows involves two rigorous tests. The first one involves throwing projectiles and lumber at the window, and in the second test, the manufacturer blows wind pressure at varying degrees. If the window stands up to these tests, it is considered safe to install in hurricane-prone areas. So it does not matter how strong the winds are or the weight of the objects that hit against the window since they can keep you and your loved ones safe from the hurricane effects.

2. More Energy Efficiency and Reduced Noise

While you cannot keep your AC on during a hurricane, you sure cannot survive without one on hot days. Unfortunately, that also means that your energy bills will typically be higher than usual. However, if you go for impact-resistant windows, the thick coating will prevent the cool air from escaping. Not only do the windows keep you cool, but they also protect you from the noise from outside. As various items hit against it during the strong winds, you will barely hear any noise.

3. There Is Added Security

Like most people, you probably thought that impact-resistant windows were meant for hurricanes only. However, apart from these advantages, you also get additional protection from burglary. As explained before, these windows go through various tests to prove their resistance to impact. So even if a thief tries to use a crowbar to break the window, it would take some time to break in. Therefore, if security has been an issue in your area, you should switch to impact-resistant windows.

4. You Save Money

When you have strong windows that do not need a replacement with every hurricane, you save a lot of money. The windows will also help you cut down on energy bills and prevent thieves from breaking into your house. So, if you are looking for a window option that will not run your pockets dry, go for these impact resistance ones.

These incredible benefits prove that impact-resistant windows are indeed a significant investment for any homeowner. Therefore, if you need to install impact-resistant windows, call a window expert for planning and installations. Reach out to an impact-resistant windows supplier to learn more.