3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Glass Shower Enclosure Looking Like New

A glass shower enclosure can be a great addition to any bathroom. These crystal-clear shower enclosures can easily make your bathroom look bigger and more luxurious. Unfortunately, if you allow soap scum and hard water stains to accumulate on your shower doors, the glass can quickly become cloudy and really have a negative impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Thankfully you can avoid this issue by simply using the three tips outlined below.

Apply A Water-Resistant Coating

There are many different water-resistant products that are designed for use on glass. These products work by creating a crystal-clear barrier over your glass that allows water to simply run right off the glass rather than drying in place. Applying these products to your glass shower doors can greatly help to prevent hard water stains and soap scum buildup. 

While the exact location of these products will vary from store to store, these products are most commonly found in the automotive section since they are frequently used to treat windshields. It is important to take care when applying these products since they can make your tile and shower floors extremely slippery if allowed to get on these surfaces. Consequently, if you are not fully confident in your ability to apply these products properly on your own, you will want to contact a contractor to do the job for you.

Avoid Using Products That Contain Talc

If you have ever wondered exactly what it is about soap that causes soap scum, the answer to this question is talc. Unfortunately, the majority of commercially sold bar soap products contain this ingredient. Hence the reason soap scum is such a common problem. The good news however is that there are still several alternatives that you can choose to purchase that do not contain this ingredient. For instance, choosing to switch from a bar soap to a liquid soap product is a great way to keep the talc, and therefore the soap scum, out of your shower. However, if you are truly partial to the use of bar soap, there are a few brands that offer a talc-free product. All-natural soaps also tend to be talc-free although they can be considerably more expensive.

Perform Quick Daily Maintenance

Chances are you already have everything on hand that you will need to complete this basic maintenance. Simply create a solution of two parts water and one part white vinegar. Add a couple of drops of dish soap and stir the solution rather than shake it to prevent it from foaming up. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and place it in or near your shower. After the last person showers each day, spray your entire shower enclosure using your cleaning solution and rinse the glass with some fresh water. 

Reach out to a professional for more information about caring for glass shower enclosures