Useful Maintenance Tips When Cleaning Damaged Auto Glass

If the auto glass on your vehicle has been damaged, you still need to maintain the glass appropriately by cleaning it. You'll just want to be careful and use these tips as to not make the damage any worse than it already is.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

If you have cracks or chips on the front windshield, then you want to be extra careful about using the windshield wipers. As a matter of fact, you want to inspect their condition thoroughly before using them any time soon on the damaged front windshield.

If they're rough around the edges, you should just have them swapped out for a brand-new set. Then you'll be able to clean your windshields without the constant fear of making cracks or chips worse with every swipe that occurs.

Don't Apply Too Much Pressure

Pressure is sometimes required to thoroughly clean auto glass on vehicles, but you don't want any pressure around the area that is damaged. That would increase the likelihood of making the damage worse, and then the repair may be more difficult when you do finally take your vehicle in to be professionally repaired.

When you start cleaning around the damaged area of glass, use extra caution. Whether it's a rag or a scraper, you want to delicately glide over the area. That will keep the area intact until it's repaired appropriately.

Select Window Cleaners Appropriately

Window cleaners are very helpful for getting tough-to-remove residues off of auto glass. That being said, you want to be extra careful about the window cleaner you get for the damaged auto glass area in particular.

Some chemicals can lead to more cracking because of how potent they are. Just to be safe, find a cleaning product that is specifically designed for auto glass that isn't in the best condition. 

Then you won't have to worry as much when performing routine cleaning on your vehicle's auto glass. The solutions will be strong enough to remove dirt and grime, but not too strong to where the glass is negatively affected. 

Your auto glass could be damaged at some point, and it's important you know how to clean these sections before the damage gets worse. Refine your cleaning techniques and see what not to do. Then you'll still be able to maintain your auto glass, even if it's not in perfect condition. 

For more information about auto glass care and repair, contact a local auto professional.