Replacing The Glass In Your Store Front Or Business

The glass windows that are so common on the front of retail stores and other commercial businesses are typically huge and made from extremely heavy-duty glass that requires a commercial glass installer to install or replace the panels. Understanding how to handle and secure the glass is critical and needs to be done with great care. 

Damaged Glass

Dealing with damage to the glass windows used in front of many businesses can be tricky. The glass is a laminated safety glass that is difficult to break, but it can crack and chip if there is an impact on it. Because the glass is laminated, it will have two or sometimes three layers of thick glass with a polyethylene or plastic sheet between the layers. 

The glass is bonded to the plastic. If the glass is cracked, the additional layer of glass and the plastic help hold the glass in place until a commercial glass installation company can come and replace it. This makes the glass safer to use where people walk near it and makes it difficult to break to gain access to the property. 

Replacing Commercial Glass

If the glass is damaged and needs replacing, it is essential that a commercial glass installer does the work for you. The glass will be difficult to remove because of the weight, and the glass company will need some tools designed for handling the glass when they remove the old sheet and install the new one. 

A commercial glass installer will typically come and measure the glass before removing the damaged part to be sure they have a replacement piece to install. If the glass is a custom size, they may need to order a new piece for you.

The commercial glass may be so large that a small crane is needed to safely lift the material, but the company will tell you what they will need after inspecting the glass and surveying the job. Once the old glass is out of the frame, the new glass will be put in place, secured to the frame, and sealed to keep it from leaking. 

Frame Damage

The frame that holds these large sheets of glass is often made from aluminum, and they can be damaged if they are hit when the glass damage occurs. If the frame is damaged, the installer may recommend replacing the frame and the glass, and you may need to wait a few days for the frame to be made to order. 

Reach out to a professional who provides commercial glass installation services to learn more.