Windshield Damage: Three Types And How To Avoid It

Cracks in the windshield can make it incredibly hard to see where you are driving, making it unsafe to be behind the wheel. In addition, if the crack is compromising your visibility, it is possible that you can receive a ticket. Therefore, you should have the windshield replaced as quickly as you can. Keep reading to learn three types of damage that your auto glass can sustain and how to avoid it.

Road Debris

When gravel, rocks, and other particles fly at high speeds at your windshield, they can cause considerable damage. It is possible to avoid this by maintaining a safe distance from vehicles in front of you, especially commercial trucks that do not have flaps covering the back tires, and by driving at a slow speed when on gravel roads. By slowing down, you can also prevent debris from causing dents on the undercarriage or exterior of your vehicle.

Changes in Temperature

Extreme fluctuations in temperature can result in the auto glass expanding and contracting. If these temperature changes are sudden, the stress that occurs can result in cracks in the glass. Damage tends to occur most frequently when individuals use boiling water to remove ice buildup on their vehicles during the wintertime. You should only use deicing products and/or scraping tools. You can also protect the auto glass from the temperature change when you switch on the air conditioner by parking your vehicle in the shade on extremely hot days.

Auto Collisions

Regardless of whether an animal, projectile, or vehicle is involved, a collision can result in serious damage to your vehicle and auto glass. Ideally, you can avoid situations like these by driving safely. When driving at night, you should slow down so that you have the opportunity to spot any animals in your surroundings. If you are heading to a ballgame, try to make sure that you park away from the field, even if this means you will have to walk a greater distance, to protect your vehicle from becoming a victim of a foul ball.

There are many causes for auto glass damage, but the aforementioned tend to be the most common. By following some of the tips above, you can reduce the risk of damage occurring to your vehicle's windshield. For more tips or to schedule an appointment for auto glass repair, get in touch with an auto glass service in your area.

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