Information On Window Film For Your Business

If you have a shop or office space that has a lot of large windows along the front of it, you might want to have window film applied to it. There are a lot of different types of films to choose from, and this article will introduce them to you and explain the benefits each one can offer.

Reflective window film

Reflective window film will allow you to see outside from inside your business, but it will look like a mirror from the outside. The fact that it looks like a mirror is what makes it good if you would like to increase your privacy inside your business space. If you have a business where you would like to make your customers feel more comfortable, then this is a good choice. 

Dark window film

Dark window film can come in different colors, such as dark brown or dark grey. This film will cut down on the amount of sunlight that comes through, and this not only helps in spaces where the sun can shine in too brightly for comfort but also helps keep the space cooler inside. Dark film can make it harder for people walking by to see inside, but they will be able to if they get close to the windows and look. You will be able to see outside clearly, but things will be a bit darker, almost as if you are looking through sunglasses.

Light window film

Light window film will help keep the shop cooler in the same way the other films do, but the film will allow people to see inside the shop. This is a good thing if you have a business such as a store where you want customers to be able to see some of what you have to offer.

Clear window film

Clear window film will allow people to see inside and outside just as clearly as if nothing were on the windows. However, the film will help you to maintain the temperature you want by preventing the penetration of the sun. This is a good option if you want people to be able to see inside as much as possible from as far away as possible.

Colored window film

Colored window film can be found in just about all colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, and more. Like the others, this film also helps reflect the sun to keep temperatures down. It also helps a storefront to stand out from the other ones around it, and this can make the business easier to find and cause people to pay attention to it when they pass by.

Stained glass window film

Stained glass window film is just like colored window film, but instead of being made of a single color, it includes many colors to create that stained glass look. This film can be good for businesses such as art supply shops or others that revolve around the arts.

Fogged window film

Fogged window film will cause the glass to have a fogged effect, which can add a nice look to the window while also providing privacy. You can have film put on that fogs out the whole window, or you can have it put on in a way that fogs out the bottom of the window, the top of the window, or that gives the window fogged stripes for a creative look.


Something all these films offer is insulation, which not only also helps maintain a cooler temperature but also helps you to keep the warmer temperature inside when it is cold outside. Think about all the things you want and discuss options with a commercial window film service